Fall Is Here! Fall is the season where propane and its wide variety of uses begin to shine. In addition to being a source of warmth to your home, propane is used to heat patios, swimming pools, hot tubs as well as to extend your outdoor living season. Agriculturally, propane is used to eradicate weeds and dry crop grains. More often than ever, propane is used to fuel fleets of commercial vehicles - including the school buses that carry your kids to and from school. Are you an avid huntsman? Propane heaters have been designed specifically for uses in duck blinds, deer stands or cabins - No more chilling to the bone doing the things you love most! Propane… It's exceptional! ©2011 Blue Flame Propane, Inc. Click here to see our current specials! Propane… It’s exceptional! Service you can trust... The Blue Flame Advantage
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